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Maintaining Your Chickens Health

To increase your chickens health, you should note that prevention is better than cure, just like with other animals. This is because when you take preventative measures, you save a lot of money that would have been used for treatment, you prevent the death of many chickens and you prevent the spread of the disease […]

Can I Keep Chickens – The Laws

Most people ask the question, can I keep chickens where I live? The answer to this question is that it depends on the laws and regulations of where you live. In most suburbs, keeping chickens is not usually a problem, but you must be careful about the laws and regulations governing such activities. You should […]

Answers to Hen Keeping

Many questions have been raised about hen keeping especially in regards to what they eat and problems commonly experienced by those keeping chickens. Although many people are simply concerned about the amount of time and labor that the chickens may need most of the other queries are usually simple and can be sorted out by […]

Tips On Raising Chickens For Meat

When raising chickens for meat chicken farmers used to separate roosters from pullets at an early age. The pullets were then raised for egg production while the roosters were raised for meat production. This state of affairs created an imbalance in meat and egg production. A balance had to be found, after extensive research, scientist […]

Raising Laying Hens – The Best Breeds

When raising laying hens, you should research on the right type of hens for you, based on your requirements. The choice of the hens you keep should depend on the climatic conditions, the purpose of keeping the egg layers, what the market wants and what it takes to maintain each breed among other considerations. All […]

Answers to Raising City Chickens

People have been raising city chickens for many years. The reasons for doing this are as many as they are varied. Some do it as a hobby, others keep chickens for poultry produces – eggs and meat – while others keep chickens as pets. Raising chickens in the city means the family can save on […]

The Joys of Raising Free Range Chickens

There are many benefits of raising chickens free range compared to raising chickens in a chicken house. Free range chickens are chickens that that are allowed to roam freely and to feed themselves, just like they would in their natural setting. However, some measures need to be put in place to prevent the chickens from […]

Raising Bantam Chickens Successfully

There is a lot that goes into raising bantam chickens. This is because bantam chickens are very different from other chickens in terms of size, how and what they eat and in terms of how they behave among other differences. Pure Breeds versus Hybrids Before you start raising these chickens, you must understand what they […]

Secrets of Raising Hens

Although hens may prove difficult to look after for people who are not well informed about them, raising hens can be a very pleasurable venture for those who are well informed. Imagine the pleasure of fresh eggs for breakfast every morning or the sound of chicken clattering in your compound every morning. To avoid complicating […]

Common Chicken Diseases

Common diseases affecting chickens Newcastle disease is probably the most common of all chicken diseases and it is highly infectious and deadly. To keep the disease at bay, all newly hatched chicks should be vaccinated against this disease. It is worth noting that the disease has no cure. Prevention is the only option. Coccidiosis is […]

Tips on Keeping Chickens in Backyard

Raising chickens in backyard are a very common practice in most cities. Many chicken lovers living in cities prefer to keep the birds in their backyards, as it is easy to manage them in this type of setup. This method gives the chicken as well as the person keeping them plenty of time away from […]

Guide to Backyard Chicken Coops

The most important factor that can never be ignored in the process of keeping chicken in your back yard is the availability of good backyard chicken coops. Just as other birds build nests to rest at night or during certain times of day.  Coops are the ultimate shelter for your backyard chicken and you cannot […]

Info On Chicken Raising Equipment

To be successful in raising chicken, you must have the right chicken raising equipment. This equipment is used in the construction of the chicken coop, the maintenance of the coop, for retrieving eggs, for clearing the terrain where the chicken run will be and for carrying out other functions in and out of the coop. […]

Guide to Keeping Chickens Warm

It is essential to keep chickens warm especially in cold weather. The provided shelter therefore needs to be solid and capable of staying dry and draft-free. The ground should be covered with a sizeable layer of shavings or straw to ensure that it is insulated. Any chicken wire or open windows should have a covering […]

Essentials for Keeping Backyard Chickens

The idea of waking up every morning to freshly laid eggs appeals to many people. This is mainly because of the convenience that comes with it. For instance, one does not have to travel to the store to buy eggs. Additionally, building a chicken coop in the backyard and rearing one’s own chickens is an […]

Choosing Backyard Chicken Breeds

Successful backyard chicken breeding is largely dependent upon the breed you choose to raise at home.  Some breeds just aren’t cut out for backyard breeding, which is why you need to do your homework before choosing what breed. Generally chicken are very interesting creatures and will require attention and love, but not all breeds were […]

Reasons for Keeping Chickens at Home

Reasons for Keeping Chicken One does not need to have acres of land to be able to keep chickens at home. As a matter of fact, keeping chickens is one easy way of producing meat and eggs. One major reason you may decide to keep chickens at home is because they are able to produce […]

5 Steps to Build a Backyard Chicken Coop

Chicken are quite easy to rear since they do not require a lot of space in order for them to grow healthy. This makes it easier for chicken to be reared in an individual’s own backyard as long as they have the right materials to do so. The most important thing that a prospective chicken […]