5 Steps to Build a Backyard Chicken Coop

Chicken are quite easy to rear since they do not require a lot of space in order for them to grow healthy. This makes it easier for chicken to be reared in an individual’s own backyard as long as they have the right materials to do so. The most important thing that a prospective chicken owner needs is the chicken coop. When it comes to building a backyard chicken coop, the steps to be followed are quite simple and many people can follow them with minimal drama. There are five simple steps that can be followed to build a chicken coop and they are discussed below.

Step One: Have a Plan At Hand

For one to build a chicken coop with minimal setbacks, it is imperative to plan in advance. The factors that need to be considered include:

  • The number of chickens that will be accommodated in the coop.
  • The size of the chickens.
  • The number of nests to be provided to the chickens.
  • The number of windows.
  • The ease of access of entry and exit from the coop.

All these considerations are necessary and need to be addressed prior to building a chicken coop in the backyard.  This is because too often people underestimate the size of the space required for chickens to grow healthy.

Step Two: Decide on the Terrain

After all the considerations are met, the next step is deciding on the terrain where the chicken coop will be situated. This is a very important decision to make since it is recommended that you select an area spacious enough to accommodate the coop and leave enough space for the chickens to move around freely. It is advisable to build a chicken coop that has a restricted access to it and the perimeter. Ensure that the area that is selected receives direct sunlight and is at a distance away from thick bushes and weeds since they are potential hiding places for rodents, snakes and other predators.

Step Three: Sketch the Design of the Coop on Paper

While trying to construct a chicken coop in the backyard, do not follow the picture of the chicken coop you have in your mind. This usually leads to a disaster. Ensure that the outline of the design is sketched on paper prior to making any attempts to build the coop. It is not a must for one to be an artist for them to do this.  All you need to do is draw your coop from all angles – including the roof’s top view, the external views from all angles, and of course, the interior.  If this is the first attempt at building a chicken coop at the backyard, avoid building an architectural masterpiece and keep the construction as simple as possible. In addition to simplicity, make sure that the chicken coop is spacious enough.

Step Four: Gather All the Required Materials

Prior to building a chicken coop in the backyard, attempt to gather all the necessary materials that are needed to build the coop to save time. Some of the materials that are needed include:

  • Cider blocks made of concrete.
  • Wood, fence wire or chicken wire.
  • Nails, insulation strips, screws, hammer and a saw.

These are some of the most commonly used materials, but the materials required will depend on the design and the type of chicken coop that is needed.

Step Five: Build It

After acquiring the required materials, deciding on the terrain, and deciding on the design of your chicken coop, the last step is to build the chicken coop in the backyard. All you need to do is follow all the conditions that may have been identified while following steps one to four.
Bear in mind that plenty of ventilation should be provided through placement of screened windows. Ensure that the chicken wire is buried alongside the borders of the chicken coop to a depth of up to 1 foot to keep away predators from burrowing in. In addition, ensure that the coop is properly insulated especially if the area in which the coop is situated is in temperate regions.
By following the above steps, the process of building a chicken coop in the backyard is made easy.